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Project Pyramid

Project Pyramid
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1 Leopard Rock Avesoro Royalty, monetisation, exit Au Liberia
2 Birsok Canyon Royalty, monetisation, exit Al Cameroon
3 Pitiangoma Est - JV Ready Au Mali
4 Lakanfla Marvel Gold JV Agreement Au Mali
5 Agdz - JV Ready Cu Morocco
6 Bikoula - JV Ready Fe Cameroon
7 Laboum - JV Ready Au Cameroon
8 Daro - JV Ready Cu Ethiopia
9 Diba - JV Ready Au Mali
10 Djelimangara Desert Gold Royalty, monetisation, exit Au Mali
11 Sebessounkoto Sud Desert Gold Royalty, monetisation, exit Au Mali
12 Tabakorole Marvel Gold JV Agreement Au Mali
13 Takzim - Project Generation Zn Morocco
14 Prikro Stellar Africa Gold Royalty, monetisation, exit Au Ivory Coast
15 Ammas - Project Generation Zn Morocco
16 Zaer - Project Generation Cu Morocco
17 Zager - Project Generation Au Ethiopia
18 Toura Firering Advanced Discussions Ni Ivory Coast
19 Wadi Jundi - Project Generation Au Egypt
20 Gabal Al-Shaluhl - Project Generation Au Egypt
21 Gabal Om Ourada - Project Generation Au Egypt
22 Wadi Dudur - Project Generation Au Egypt
23 Tata - Project Generation Cu Morocco
24 Izougza - Project Generation Cu Morocco
25 Azrar - Project Generation Cu Morocco
26 Tiddas - Project Generation Pb, Cu Morocco
27 Jafra - Project Generation Cu, Zn, Pb Morocco
28 Amsa - Project Generation Sn Morocco
29 Tazoult - Project Generation Ag Morocco
30 Anezal - Project Generation Cu Morocco
31 Assif - Project Generation Cu Morocco
32 Agoudim - Project Generation Ag Morocco
33 Zenoula Stellar Africa Gold JV Agreement Au Ivory Coast
34 Caserones JX Nippon Royalty, monetisation, exit Cu Chile

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