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Project: Agoudim
Commodity: Lead
Subsidiary: Aterian Resources Ltd
Location: Morocco
Deposit Style: -
Key Attributes: On key mineralised regional fault zone
Asset Stage: Reconnaissance exploration
Results: -
Next Phase of Work: Sampling and mapping
Deal Partner: Available
Deal Terms: TBC

Project Overview

The 29 km2 Agoudim project is comprised of two licence blocks situated in the eastern Anti-Atlas Mountains, approximately 326 km south east of the capital Rabat, 412 km north east of the port city of Agadir and 30km east of the world-class Imiter Ag mine operated by Managem Group (CSE : MNG). Aterian holds a 100% interest in the project which is accessible via a tarmac road through a village in the south east and a number of dirt tracks in the north.

The eastern Anti-Atlas forms part of the Anti- Atlas Mountain chain in Morocco which is host to numerous world class mineral deposits including the Imiter Ag mine (131 Moz at 500g/t Ag) and Bouazzer Co mine (16 Kt at 1.0 % Co). The eastern Anti-Atlas is dominated by two Precambrian basement massifs, Jbel Saghro and Ougnat which are overlain by discordant Paleozoic to Mesozoic sedimentary cover.

The Project area is broadly comprised of Late Neoproterozoic volcanic formations and Paleozoic sedimentary formations. The south west of the project area is dominated by andesite flows and intrusions, and rhyolite flows and domes. Volcano-sedimentary formations are represented by ignimbrites, volcanic conglomerates, and pyroclastic units. The north east is dominated by Mid-Cambrian sandstone, pelitic, limestone, and siltstone units, overlain by Ordovician clay-rich sandstone and quartzite.

Exploration Programme

Altus selected Agoudim based upon an extensive process of desk-based prospectivity mapping. This work comprised a review of available datasets, including historical mineral occurrences, geological maps, regional magnetics and satellite borne remote sensing data. The project hosts a number of northeast, northwest and east-west striking structures with proximal historic lead mineral occurrences.

A first phase reconnaissance exploration programme is due to commence shortly and will include an assessment of priority targets identified that include historic lead occurrences and structural targets associated with regional faults.

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