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Subsidiary:Aterian Resources Ltd
Deposit Style:Hercynian base metals
Key Attributes:Margin of Ment granite
Asset Stage:Reconnaissance exploration
Results:8.15% Pb & 153 g/t Ag
Next Phase of Work:Sampling & mapping
Joint Venture Partner:Available for JV
Deal Terms:TBC

Project Overview

The 40km2 Ment project is comprised of three licence blocks, located in central Morocco, 20km south of the Achmmach and Bou El Jaj tin deposits (ASX listed Kasbah Resources) and the El Hammam fluorite mine. The project targets Palaeozoic sediments which have been folded around the margin of the Hercynian-age Ment granite, with the Ment project lying within the metamorphic halo of the granite intrusion. Historic lead and zinc workings have been mapped within the project.

  • Ment licence overview
    Ment licence overview
  • Location of the Ment licence
    Location of the Ment licence
  • Mapped mineral occurrences
    Mapped mineral occurrences

Exploration Programme

Mapping at the Ment project has identified NE-trending quartz-tourmaline veins within shear zones which are thought to be related to the regional emplacement of the Ment granite. A number of artisanal mine workings have been discovered within the project area, with samples from one working containing 8.15% Pb, 153 g/t Ag, and 0.34 g/t Au. Mineralisation at the Achmmach project is reported to also be associated with ENE-trending quartz-tourmaline veins in the alteration halo surrounding a Hercynian age granite.

Further work at the Ment project will include rock chip sampling and geological mapping to identify the scale and the nature of the mineralisation project.

  • Field mapping
    Field mapping
  • Quartz within shear zone
    Quartz within shear zone
  • Artisanal pit
    Artisanal pit

Project Gallery

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