Minimising Shareholder Dilution
Embracing the cyclical nature of the mining sector


Our Structure

The corporate structure of Altus is purposefully tailored to ensure that each project it discovers is ready to enter joint venture agreements, be divested or be sold, without impacting on other parts of the Company.

The structure of Altus comprises a UK-incorporated parent, which sits above UK-incorporated subsidiaries, established to segregate the group along commodity and / or geographical lines. A series of Seychelles-based intermediary companies sit within the structure to further the legal segregation of the Company's projects.

The company has a number of subsidiaries that are not shown in the following overview:

* Transfer of Birsok & Mandoum bauxite licenses from Aluvance to Alures ongoing.
All subsidiaries 100% owned except Aluvance and Auramin (97.3% & 99% respectively) with the dilutable remainder held by local partner.
Summary structure only, not all subsidiaries are shown.

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