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Embracing the cyclical nature of the mining sector

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Embracing the cyclical nature of the mining sector

The mining sector is exemplified by cyclical swings, from irrational exuberance to short sighted despair. The cyclical extremes lead assets to be severely mispriced and Altus embraces this opportunity. The most recent bear market has caused many traditional juniors to go out of business, or their shareholders have suffered from deeply discounted share placements. During downturns, the mid-cap and major companies tend to focus on maintaining profitability or minimising losses rather than invest in exploration. As these cuts filter down and affect project pipelines, commodity markets become cyclically undersupplied meaning the demand and value of new discoveries rises as the mid-caps and majors compete to replenish their resources.

Illustration: Altus embraces the highly cyclical nature of the mining sector

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